Start Quitting

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Quit taking a Ride … and Take the Wheel Quit getting Comfortable … and Explore the Edge Quit Analyzing … and Follow your Intuition Quit Managing your Time … and Manage your Attention Quit showing Interest … and Commit Quit Moving … and Be Still Quit striving for Success … and Seek Significance Never Quit […]

Life Sentence

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Most likely your life will be known by one sentence — Why don’t you write it now while you are living? When you were born people rejoiced and you cried. When you die, hopefully people will cry and you will rejoice.

How do you feel?

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Let’s hear what you think.  You can submit anonymously so feel free to be honest.    The results are as follows (As of May 6, 2009) Answer Vote Count/Percentage I love it 12 Votes(50%) I don’t care 3 Votes(12%) It is annoying 1 Votes(4%) It is entertaining 8 Votes(33%)

Luvin it!

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The following is the kind of stuff that just gets me excited! Patrick has been working at trying to “sell to” to Edwards Builders (we currently don’t sell them anything) and candidly its been a very tough account to penetrate. We’d talk about it trying to come up with additional ideas to create some interest, […]

Passion = Potential

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Follow your passion and find your potential. There is a relationship with what you are passionate about and what you succeed. Ability is not enough to enable us to reach our potential. Opportunity alone is not enough to get us to the top. Knowledge is a great asset, but will come up short helping us […]


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Wow, how blessed we are to be living in the country we do! Just coming back from Jamaica, again made realize the blessings and good friends we have that do care bout each other! I went in to visit (CDA) Child Development Agency, and they were pleading with us to take more children in, the […]

Another Opportunity For a Great Day

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On the ride in this morning, I was going through my “to do list” for what I want to get accomplished today. And then I was struck by a few  thoughts: 1) Wonder what else everyone else has on their list. That’s a lot of “to doing”. Awesome! The potential compounding effect! 2) It’s springtime! […]

IT – Harley Yoder

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Some people have IT! Others don’t. What is the definition of IT? I don’t know that I know. I just know that some people get IT and others don’t. Some people make decisions on a daily basis that are obvious to every one around them that they get IT. They are highly effective. Likewise they […]

  • "Awesome post Harley! Still believing in the power "
  • "AMEN. I have always been a team player. In SS clas"
  • "Mathew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine"