What Makes Yoder’s Different?

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  This question often goes through my mind and sometimes keeps me awake when I should be sleeping. We all know that our products can be bought almost anywhere you go. So what would make a person choose Yoder’s??   Rule one: You can build a business on the foundation of great customer service. Rule […]

Who Cares?

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I care and I care a lot! Does it show? Am I too passive? Do people around me see my passion? Often it’s the CEO or the manager who sets a standard of caring about the details. Even better is a culture where everyone cares, and where each person reinforces that horizontally throughout the team. […]

  • "Awesome post Harley! Still believing in the power "
  • "AMEN. I have always been a team player. In SS clas"
  • "Mathew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine"