Growth vs. Coasting

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Growth Vs. Coasting


How many of you have seen a really successful person or company that took life lackadaisically or just kind of coasted through life? That never happens! Your most successful people or companies are committed to excellence through change which spawns growth. People are drawn to excellence and want to be a part of it. People want to just hang around excellence hoping it might rub off. My daughter Mariah dreams of playing college softball. She is 12. She trains once a week at a facility where the future shortstop of Tennessee is training. It is good for Mariah to see the dedication and hard work it takes to be great or excellent. It takes work! Mariah loves to just hang out with her! Excellence feels good and is respected. Folks like the effort and dedication of Excellence.

The same applies to business. It takes work to be excellent. There are a few companies that come to mind who are successful, (who could coast for a while off their laurals) but it is not in their DNA. QT, Google, Chick-fil-a, and Apple are all examples of companies who never quit changing to get the next level of excellence! I hope we can add Yoder’s to that list! Lets think of people: Michael Jordan (who could not his high school basketball team) to become the best player ever the play the game; Abe Lincoln (who failed in politics numerous times) to become the president that leads our country through a very difficult time; Thomas Edison ( who had many failed inventions before the light bulb) and the list could go on. These folks never had it in the DNA to coast. That is why is takes 3 or 4 retirements for some to retire.

My main vision for Yoder’s is to be so excellent that growth is demanded! Customers and clients demand that they use our services because they want the “Peace of Mind” of dealing with the best. That means we as Yoderites have got to make the sometimes difficult changes that our times or our culture demands. I believe that the needs of our clients are changing and are changing at a more rapid rate than ever before. Do we have the wisdom, fortitude and the willingness to work through the change to get to the growth or will we coast?     

Things to Know:

  • April 9th — Lunch to Celebrate employees of the month of March (Terry Hill and Barry Rapp)
  • May 13th — Contractor Event

Remember to Celebrate the Wins!!!


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