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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I believe IT is a choice we make as people to attain. IT has many different names: Excellence, Balance, Passion, Love for God being a few of them. I believe we are all capable of attaining IT in life if we set our minds to it. We are all leaders in life no matter are we the General Manager, salesperson, order puller, department manager, truck driver, administrative assistant, administrative staff, or designer. We all play an important role as a leader in our jobs. Do we choose to every day do that job to the best of our abilities? I believe the people that CHOOSE to do that, HAVE IT. I believe this principle applies to all areas of life, not just our job. I don’t think people work harder, they just discipline themselves.

I once knew a man that had IT. He was a football coach. A lot of his players just knew him as COACH. He loved God first of all but loved everyone around him just as much. He wanted the best for everyone in life and always taught all his players to do the right thing first. He was a very optimistic person. Failing was not an option. When he did fail he took it all in stride and became better because of it. He was not a drill sergeant. He did everything through God’s eyes of love. He made everyone around him better.

Did God give him anything special that the rest of us don’t have? I don’t think so. He maybe had more talents than some people. But with those talents he used them, cultivated them, and “doubled” them. It doesn’t matter if God gives us 1 talent or 10 talents. We are called to do the very best with what he has given us!

So today are “YOU” CHOOSING “IT”? Remember, we are only given one shot in life; make the most of it! No regrets! You do affect everyone around you no matter what you think. Am I making people around me better? Am I choosing IT and spreading IT around. And in the words of Dabo….”I’M ALL IN!”

Devon Miller

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