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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Today I read that Gores Group LLC has acquired 51% share of Stock Building Supply. The requirement is for Stock to file for bankruptcy to get rid of some obligations and at the completetion be run by the Gores Group. The experts say that they expect Stock to close about 30% more of their locations. Not really exciting news – I was hoping they would just go away.

In other news, According to the Pro Sales Magazine, Yoder’s is the 3rd largest single location Professional Dealer in the nation. If Yoder’s would have reported our sales last year Yoder’s would have come in at 79th overall in the nation in sales to the professional. That is exciting to know that in Fair Play – not a BIG CITY- you guys are making a big difference. Remember you are the BEST, and never quit working on getting better because things change everyday. Go Get em!

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