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Another Opportunity For a Great Day

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

On the ride in this morning, I was going through my “to do list” for what I want to get accomplished today. And then I was struck by a few thoughts:

1) Wonder what else everyone else has on their list. That’s a lot of “to doing”. Awesome! The potential compounding effect!

2) It’s springtime! I love the changing of seasons (especially moving from winter into spring!) and the scenery seemed especially beautiful this morning.

3) There is a lot of focus on the challenges our economy is experiencing. But I am so blessed! I have a great family, get to live in the greatest country in the world, work at a great company with a great team of people, etc, etc. So the thought I had, was what I am doing with all of what God has given me? Man, I don’t want to waste it! And I don’t want to waste today!

(Oh, and btw, I just took the time to write down these thoughts from earlier this morning but I’ve been here long before just now)

Have a great day (especially with what’s left of it)!

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