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The Heartbeat


Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Wow, how blessed we are to be living in the country we do! Just coming back from Jamaica, again made realize the blessings and good friends we have that do care bout each other! I went in to visit (CDA) Child Development Agency, and they were pleading with us to take more children in, the need is so great! I want to let each one of you all know that you have had a part in giving these children in our care hope far beyond what you realized!

I know our economy has not been that great this past year, and has made us search out our priorities, and helped us to refine, not only how we do business, but also how we can help each other!

May God Bless each of you all!

JRM - Little 2 yr old Alex was asked what his full name was and he said “Alex” No, your big name! He replied with, Well Martha calls me Goober so I guess its Goober Alax! Now if we call him Goober Alax, he says, “Yup that’s my name!

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