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Dad's last email update about JRM! Exciting!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Well, some rambles, that is me!

I don’t know when I have ever been so excited bout JRM! there seems to be a new sense of energy here at JRM and the people around us! Mt. Pilier, (School on top of montain sponsored by JRM) I don’t think I have seen so much excitement in a long time! We spend several hours talking about the past, present and the future. There was a spirit there that is hard to express! They blessed our lives with pray and hugs! They are ready to roll! Some of the other people not really knowing for a while what has been going on, have joined in prayer and encouragements! There is a spirit of newness!

Timroy (local Jamaican Pastor)is coming, we are understanding each other more all the time! Love that man.

The staff is awesome! Yes we have our challenges, but it is a joy to have people who want to do the right thing and just seeking together! Staff who love and care bout each other, and what they are doing!

Then to see these dear children reap the benefit of Gods grace and love! One step at a time in making progress in giving them hope and a family of Christian values! It is worth it all!

A couple to work with who cannot get enough of wanting to built a staff team that is most effective in building GOD’S Kingdom!

A board member who has lots of dreams/visions, and gets so excited at the small things I see happening by God’s grace.

Yesterday we went to Kingston to pave the way for another child to have hope for life, gives me such satisfaction! And some of the things that took place you just know it was because people praying!

Since 2007, I almost believe it is more important to have people pray for you, then praying for your self!?

Often my thoughts are “when special things take place, hum, some body must be praying!

We are so blessed in being here right now, just wish I had someone here who was better qualified to teach and lead the staff who hunger for ministry!

But hay, pray for this old man! God can use me too in a pinch.

Dallas and JD, Thanks for your emails and thanks for your prayers! Tell people everywhere to pray for us! cause me do not know how to lead, needs to be God! Big time!

Rambler, and no fear with God near!


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