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Get in the Game!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Have you ever been a part of a sports team that required a lot out of the players? There will always be a couple of guys/gals who would not show up or show up on time for practice and then be amazed why the coach would not put them in during the game. I mean you would hear complaining how the coach must be a moron for not putting them in the game. Then you have the player who works hard and comes to every practice and sharpens their skills and are valuable to the team. They get hurt playing and they are like tape me up and put me back in. They do not want to let their team down. They are “All In”.

This same principle applies to the work place. If you want opportunity, you have to put in the time and effort and be a superstar where you are. I can guarantee you that you will be recognized and when opportunity comes for you to make a larger impact or have more influence and/or responsibility you will get that opportunity. Superstars are rare and hard to find. They sacrifice more. They care more. What is interesting is most people think superstars are smarter and have more natural talent. I would argue they practice more, work harder, care more, and are willing to sacrifice for the team!

It is easy to see who is not in the game- these are the moaners and complainers. They will say, “why didn’t they get my opinion” or “Who came up with that” or “my manager is a moron”.

This same principle applies to church or about any other organization. Those that are involved for the cause are not complaining about the music, the preacher, room temperature, or “I just don’t feel a part of things” DUH! Get in the Game!

Events coming:

August 31st. 2nd — Annual Pre Labor Day Sale

  • let me know if you have suggestions for this

September 28th and 29th — Storewide Inventory

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