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"It's not business, it's personal"

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

When I am talking with our associates here at Yoder’s. The question I ask myself more than any other question is: Does he/she care? It is the question I ask of the Installer, Load Puller, Sales Person, Accounting and whoever else works at Yoder’s. I feel like it is the most important question I can ask. People who care have the biggest impact because they take it personal.

People who care can be trained and taught the system and will become a part of the culture of Yoder’s! People who take it personal want excellence!

It’s too easy to blame the organization and the system and the bottom line for decisions that a person would never be willing to take responsibility for.

Whenever you can, work with people who take it personally.

April 17th-19th Weyerhaeuser is putting on a framing class at Berge Plantation just south of Atlanta. Invite your framers and builders for a very informative meeting mixed with some fun. You will have the tools to sell deeper.

May 10th Thursday lunch for the next 6 weeks will be provided by Yoder’s- You will also have an opportunity to watch a video over lunch break (11:30 and 12:15) by one of the speakers of the Catalyst conference. One of the speakers is Jim Collins who wrote the book “Good to Great”

May 17th Contractor Night.– Larry Miller will be coordinating. If you have ideas let him know.

June 21st – 23rd The SC Ride for Life fundraiser for the local pregnancy center in Seneca. The Foothills Pregnancy reaches an amazing amount of people that really are desperate and need help. Ride your bicycle 300 miles over 3 days for a great cause. I have done it 6 years in a row. If I can do it anybody can!


We want to stand up and make difference and we want to sit down and hide and be safe.

We want to help others and we want to keep more for ourselves.

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