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My Pleasure!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

MY PLEASURE is the correct response anytime a customer makes a reasonable request that you can accommodate.

Even if you render the service, but complain about it, you’re negating the gesture.

“We will have a crew that will be on the job at 7 a.m. in the morning. Can you guarantee that you will have the material on the job so they can get started in the morning?”

WRONG ANSWER: Well, I guess we can. I’ll have to shift some deliveries around. Everyone seems to be looking for a “first out” today, but yeah, I believe we can do it.

RIGHT ANSWER: It will be my pleasure to check it out for you. Let’s see here…yes, no problem, we will be sure to have it there no later than 7 a.m.

If you are going to give the service, give it cheerfully.

If you cannot give the customers the level of service that they are asking for, try not to say NO, but rather, do your best to offer an alternative choice. Something like, “All of our trucks are committed for first thing tomorrow morning, but I could get the material out to your job late this afternoon. Would that work for you?”


  1. SMILE when you are dealing with a customer. A smile indicates that you are enjoying your job as a salesperson and appreciate your customers business.

  2. Use courteous words, such as, thank you, you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure, would you be kind enough to, yes sir, no ma’am, anything else we can help you with today, etc.

  3. When you learn you cannot live up to a customer service commitment, call the customer BEFORE he call you.

  4. Following a transaction, extend your hand and shake the customer’s hand as you say “Thank you for your business.”

  5. Occasionally, call your customer after the transactions complete as a follow up. This is really great customer service!

  6. Demonstrate humility. By showing that you are vulnerable; that is, that you aren’t a “know it all,” you gain credibility with customers.

  7. Double check facts and figures. Repeat them to the customer to make sure that you did not make a mistake.

  8. Avoid wishful thinking. If there is something about your product or service that based on your experience the customer is likely to misunderstand, point it out even if it might cost you the order, It is better to find out now than after the product is delivered or worse yet, installed.

Note: Every person that works at Yoder’s are in SALES!

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