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One Horse Show!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The last few weeks and months have reinforced the idea that a Team is much more effective that a show horse! When folks work together for the same goal (even when not directly benefiting from it) there is power! It is also a compliment to each person involved on the Team and others who were not directly involved. In other words if a great Team of folks performed really well in Cabinets, it helps the Team of EWP sell Engineered Wood or Garage Doors.

Leaders who help lead teams in a positive way are rare and very valued in our culture. Folks want to be a part of a Team of Excellence and that can go home at the end of the day and be proud of what they did! Part of the Yoder Culture has to do with these 2 motto’s:

  1. Whatever it takes!

  2. Excellence in everything we do.

Although we will not be perfect in everything we do, we can always strive to do our job with excellence. I would much rather have a less talented person on my Team with an incredible attitude and work ethic; what I know is that person will do what it takes to learn the ropes and will be principled in their dealings and will work hard to WOW the client!

Growing a business is not as much about selling as it is about performing. Just ask any successful sales person in our industry! It takes a team to perform. 1 person can not do it all. Here is what happens when everyone realizes the value they bring to the process and the Team and do their role with excellence:

  • Clients are WOWED and become loyal!

  • A great job reflects on everyone!

  • It helps the whole Team excel!

  • We develop pride in our team and our company!

  • We celebrate with each other!

  • We brag on each other!

  • Great employees attract great employees and those that don’t measure up get weeded out!

  • We wish each other well even when it does not effect us directly!

  • The team becomes more efficient and it takes less folks to do the job!

  • The company becomes more profitable!

  • Compensation goes up!

I truly am proud of the Team at Yoder’s and I believe we have the best Team East of the Mississippi! Let’s continue to finish 2016 with excellence and with pride! Thank you for going the second and third mile!

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