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Passion = Potential

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Follow your passion and find your potential.

There is a relationship with what you are passionate about and what you succeed.

Ability is not enough to enable us to reach our potential.

Opportunity alone is not enough to get us to the top.

Knowledge is a great asset, but will come up short helping us be all we can be.

Putting together a good team is not sufficient. Passion is the difference maker!

Passion will make you do things that won’t make sense!

Passion will cause you to stretch out of your comfort zones until people wil look at you and say “I can’t believe they were able to accomplish that."

The difference between a good day and an unforgettable day is Passion.

Passion has enabled me to believe things I would not have believed, feel things I would not have felt, attempt things that I would not have attempted, accomplish things I would not have accomplished. Meet people I would not have met.

Passion allows you to energize others.

Passion fill us with energy and desire.

Enjoyment of your life’s work is the key

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