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Peace of Mind!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about the phrase “Peace of Mind”

Do I give people “Peace of Mind”? Now don’t confuse that with Piece of Mind. I often want to give someone a piece of my mind, but not sure that gives anyone a “Peace of Mind”.

The definition of “Peace of Mind” is the absence of mental stress or anxiety – Free online dictionary

  • It means letting go!

  • It means providing a calm feeling after having worried or been concerned about something!

When I talk with out clients, the number 1 thing I hear is that they want “Peace of Mind”. They want to know that when they call someone to take care of something, That it is done. They don’t have to call back and check on it, but rather that we are informing them. It is the number 1 sales tool. It BEATS PRICE all day long! We need to ask ourselves a question — When someone calls us, Can they check it off their list or do they need to keep it on there so they can follow up with it? Do you provide “Peace of Mind”?

I don’t ever want to put anyone on a pedistal at Yoder’s, because I truly believe that it takes all of us and we all represent each other. What I do know is that the Outside Sales People are the ones that often drive business and are at the forefront of sales. They are most often the closest to Yoder’s clients and have the most communication and are under the most pressure to sell and then perform. The more time they have, the more they have time to sell. Sometimes we will see a Outside Sales Person that is under some stress. I believe there is a solution, but it really depends on how good our team is here at Yoder’s! When I talk with our Outside Sales People. there is one question I ask a lot and that is ” What can Yoder’s do to help you?” I always get the same a answer. I feel like I have to check up behind folks. Not everybody, but way too many. And then I ask the question. Who gives you “Peace of Mind”? They tell me and then I ask “Who do you have to check behind”? and they tell me. If we are going to raise the bar to the next level, this is an issue we have to address and find a solution for. When we get busy, is it still possible to provide “Peace of Mind”? I believe so, although it does require some communication. The communication is honest and it might be “It will be next week before I can get to your project.”

One of the worst things you can do is raise expectations and then dash them. You can still be better than your competition but if you set an expectation you can’t keep you gave out disappointment. Our business needs to be about exceeding expectations. NEVER over sell and under deliver. How much extra would you pay for a plane that is always on time or a surgery that is guaranteed to work. Is Yoder’s that reliable? You see reliability is worth something. It gives “Peace of Mind”. Maybe that should be Yoder’s new Motto. “Yoder’s gives Peace of Mind” or Our goal is to provide you, our valued clients, with “Peace of Mind”. It doesn’t work if you slip in the word “ALMOST ” though.

The bottom line is “Do I provide “Peace of Mind”?

Upcoming Dates:

  • August 30th Labor Day Sale

  • August 31st Clemson sends the Dogs back to Athens crying!

  • September 27th and 28th Inventory day

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