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Private conversations

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We live and work within a blizzard of technology. Ideas and innovation combine to offer daily solutions to our professional and personal lives for learning, for communication, for connecting, for sharing. It’s all very cool. We actually demand it, don’t we, for efficiency and competitiveness.

Let me also re-emphasize that Yoder’s embraces every aspect of innovation and technology.

But amid the blizzard, let me tell you what I really want to say – my private conversation to you. Let’s never underrate personal interaction. And, let’s not underrate personal interaction through face to face meetings. Let me offer…

….Your clients want to see you!

….Rarely are strong relationships built through email.

….the thrills and value of hearing or meeting a respected speaker or industry leader

….the opportunity to make a new personal connection that can last a lifetime

….the vital importance of having a private conversation with a co worker so he or she understands the strengths of each other

In many ways, private conversations change our lives.. Private conversations are timely, usually opportunistic, often strategic, and always important. They provide shared knowledge with emotion. Private conversations make a difference. They signify confidential respect and benefit. They stand for trust and relationship. It is a basis for “Peace of Mind”

On a grand scale, I look at live, in-person meetings, conferences, and seminars as private conversations.

To all Yoderites, I encourage you seek and promote private conversations at every professional turn. In our world of fast paced, rather impersonal technology, let’s strive to make connectivity more inter-personal in all we do. Let’s advance the personal touch.

Dates to make note of:

Nov. 21st Carry in for Thanksgiving dinner – Diane has details

December 12th Christmas Party – Details coming!

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