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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

  • I was at the cabinet shop the other day and I saw some awesome looking doors that the shop is making for a church that are arched and just absolutely beautiful!

  • I walked over to the door shop and saw Chris Watkins putting together a wood garage door that just looked phenomenal. I hope we take pictures and make sure our customers can understand what all we can do for them when it come to wood working! We have some incredible craftsman on staff!

  • Surplus store is looking to open on Tuesday, June the first with some incredibly great deals.

  • Sales are tracking marginally this month. I am hoping for a really strong second half of May.

  • This week we delivered products and services to Clinton SC, Cashiers NC, Elkin NC, Marshall TN, and we were below Commerce Ga. Wow, our sales people have long fingers.

  • I am really looking forward to the Owners Meeting in NC on Monday and Tuesday. We get to see how a lot of our peers are doing in our industry. Maybe we can learn something!

  • You still have time to sign up for Ride4Life. We are headed to Savannah this year. 300 miles on your bicycle in 3 days. Anybody can do that! It is for a great cause, the Foothills Pregnancy Center.

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