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The Choice should be Easy!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Something that has torn me up over the years is when I see competition in our territory. I have a hard time understanding why those folks would not buy from our great team of people. I have lost sleep and got angry, none of what really helped the situation.

Here is what I have come to learn:

  • We pretty much sell the same items and service as our competition.

  • Our job is to do it much better than our competition.

    • We need to all choose to be the BEST. YES, It is a choice to go the extra mile and to WOW the Client! This creates long term benefits!

      • As proof of this concept — look at our peers around us who are very very busy and who the clients flock to and ask for. Usually they have more business than they can realistically get done, While others in the same department may not be so busy. Clients want to work with the BEST!

    • Sometimes your Client is your peer!

  • If a Client is choosing someone besides the Yoder Team, here is the reality:

    • Either the other team is better than we are or

    • The Client is ignorant and need to be educated. Either way the issue is our problem and needs to be addressed.

I truly believe that the Yoder Team has the greatest team of people assembled East of the Mississippi and we need to continue to promote each other and help each other in any way possible!

Remember we all represent each other!

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