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The Quest for Authentic Manhood

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Hello Yodians,

This writing was a little tough for me in that I struggled with wanting to make sure I come across in the correct way and not give the wrong impressions. This past Tuesday morning I was at a 6am meeting called “The Quest for Authentic Manhood”. I was sitting through the first meeting and was so impacted that I asked that it be held at the store every Tuesday Morning at 6am and give every man that works here the opportunity to attend and learn how to be a real man! I am requesting that every man employed at Yoder’s be there for the first meeting this next Tuesday (21st) You will need to be at Yoder’s at 5:55am so we can be finished by 7am. If you attend and decide this is not for you-No Problem. Every Manager needs to make sure this gets out to all those who does not have email or have access to the Internet to check the blog. This series is several weeks long and is highly impactive and if the principles are applied, it will change your life. If you are a Lady you would be smart to ask your man to attend! It is open to anybody that can come. I hope you ladies don’t feel left out, but I do think our culture has got some things screwed up when it comes to men and women. I belief men and women are equals, but our culture has confused that to mean sameness. The facts are that men commit 90% of the violent crimes. It is a well known fact that men are most likely to cause hurt and pain in a family. Men are least likely to get help when needed. Basically, men are confused and struggle with what roles they are to fill. This is not a Bible study although biblical principles do come in play. Again I want to stress this is not about valuing men over women. I am truly thankful for the ladies we have at Yoder’s. You ladies play a large part and are often more effective than us men. I wish more of you were brave enough to join our building industry, because your perspectives and ideas definitely make a difference and help our industry to be more well rounded.

Now to Yoder’s business:

  • The window department put on a great “Lunch and Learn” today. We had good attendance. Thanks for making that happen Barry!

  • I am excited about what Lee Hunt is finding out in the market!

  • We need to recognize all the hard work the Counter Sales has done the past month especially when we were short handed. Thanks for leading George!

  • Cabinets are gaining momentum even in this market! That is because they are providing value!

  • I been reading a book called “Delivering Happiness”In there it talks about core values for a business. I thought about the core values at Yoder’s and 2 jumped out a me right away and they were:

o Teamwork

o Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence can be defined in many ways. One of the definitions of Excellence at Yoder’s needs to be service with a “WOW”. That means going the extra mile. That means caring more than the norm! What I am so excited about is that our Team consists of a lot of Excellent people that care more than what people expect!

  • Christine’s cousin (Lillian) is still in Haiti. If you remember they were in Haiti when the earthquake happened and their house collapsed. They were able to get out unscathed but over half the people were in the house were killed. Anyway they need help rebuilding. I hope to find out more details this week. If you are interested in going on a work crew to Haiti to help rebuild let me know. It will probably involve raising some money for the project. If you are interested let me know and I will let you know the details as I get them. We will be needing men and women to help.

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