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Birthday with a Purpose!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

In our Lifegroup at church we are going through a series called “Outlive your Life”. It challenges us to make a difference in our community and do something bigger than just ourselves. IT has felt a little intimidating and bad timing. We are at a time in our life where resources are scarce and my time needs to be really focused on making sure our business is healthy. But I kept having a nagging feeling about “What good are you really accomplishing for the Eternal Life?” Then I had an idea.

I work with a great guy named Barry Rapp and I heard they were adopting a girl from China. I knew that was expensive but I never heard Barry talk that much about it. I knew that he was man of faith and that if God asked him to do something he felt like God was going to provide. I also began to be challenged about the timing of their adoption. They were not waiting for the economy to become better instead they were choosing to make a difference in a child’s life.

I have a huge birthday coming up. I am turning 40 on Sunday the 9th! I want to make sure my life is much more productive the second half of my life than the first half. I mean I have always worked long and hard, but what really did I accomplish that was worth while. That was eternal! I know all you guys and gals love me lots and were going to give me very large and expensive gifts. You would do more honor to me by donating to so the dream of Julia having a family becomes a reality. Everybody is invited to my big Birthday Party on Sunday, October the 9th. from 6:30 to 9 pm. Please RVSP to Christine at 972-0681. We will have lots of food (at least until it gets all), fellowship, fires to keep warm and a good time. Instead of bringing gifts bring a donation (money preferred) for the Barry Rapp family and their $15,000 goal. This is not so much about the Rapp family but about the girl who will have a chance at life because of the adoption. What would happen if just 25% of all Christian families adopted an orphan. That would probably have one of the largest impact on our world in all of history and it would be for the good! If you cannot make it to the birthday party go to and give to make a difference in Julia’s life!


  • My wife is awesome- Christine works really hard to help make all my crazy ideas successful.

  • Thanksgiving is only 2 months away.

  • The employees at Yoder’s Building Services are like no other!

  • Thank you to Carmen Eaton for creating the website!

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