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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I apologize I know I am a couple of days late updating the blog. We were on vacation in Pa. and just got back this morning about 6 am. Our fuel pump went out on the way home and caused about a 8 hour delay. The joys of life! July turned out to be a little less in sales than what we were shooting for. $1,764,390.00 was the sales number for July. That was disappointing although a little expected. It was hot in July and seemed to be a lot of folks on summer vacations and all that effects sales. There are several really exciting things that have happened and are happening:

  • The Yoder’s Road Show in Cashiers, N.C. last week was a grand slam. Chris Yoder did a marvelous job coordinating that show. It was very well organized and very effective! All of our departments did a super job helping show our existing and potential clients what all Yoder’s can offer to help them become more successful. Tina was able to sign on at least 10 more clients. Wow! I am so impressed with our team at Yoder’s and so proud of Tina and her representation of Yoder’s in the mountains of N.C.

  • The Katz Road Show is coming to Yoder’s on August 20th! We are super excited to have this production coming to our location! This would provide great value to any builder! Let them know! They could have picked a large metro area like Greenville to have the show. Fair Play must be special!

  • Mike S, J.D., and myself are headed to Lancaster, Pa on August the 17th to do some more research on some solar solutions. I am really excited about the possibilities!

  • Goal for August is 2,000,000.00! Lets blow through that number!

  • Chris Yoder was at the SBMA board meeting in Virginia last week and heard 2 economists say that we are in a slow recovery! They might be right, but we are not waiting to find out. We plan on being pursuing all the opportunities that are presented.

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