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Smokin Hot!!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

June has started out smoking hot!!! It is supposed to be close to 100 degrees today! WOW! We went from winter to summer. It seemed like we skipped right over spring. I love summer! Life gets real busy with all the vacations, camping, going to the lake and baseball!

Yoder’s is always busy in the summer time as well. Everybody wants to get their projects moving and underway. Yoder’s needs to be the smokin hot option to our customers! People want to be noticed and recognized. Never forget we are all sales people! Use every opportunity to help our clients see and understand the value we can provide! It is still possible to excel and awe our clients! Meeting expectations is fairly common. Helping our clients find a better deal, better product or process lets them know you are invested in their success! That is much harder to do but it is what separates the smoking hot solution provider (as Gary would say) from the normal sales person.

Things coming up and things to think about:

  • Feed back on Contractor Event???

  • On June the 7th,The Man, the Myth, the Legend Larry Adams will be here to speak with our Sales Team!!!

  • 10 day hiking trip the first of July.–Would love to take anybody along that wants to experience the A.T. We plan on 100 miles in 10 days!

  • Labor Day Sale.–Thinking about planning a large event for this day. like a tent sale and grilling hamburgers and hot dogs sale. Maybe a Cash and Carry day with a discount –purpose would be to help beat the summer doledrums! Keep people motivated about their projects!

Higher Learning!

“Then he said to them all, If anyone wants to come with me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me” – Luke 9:23

I read something pretty amazing about the Cheyenne Indian tribe the other day. When they were going into a battle, they had a warrior called “The dog Soldier” who would ride out in front of the tribe, always visible. When the fighting reached its peak of intensity, and no one really knew who would come out on top, the “Dog Soldier” would dismount his horse, and drive a stake into the ground…by the way, he was attached to that stake with a rope. Everyone knew the dog soldier was faithful, even to the finish.

The Lord is looking for some who are willing to drive our stakes into the ground.

This has been a challenge to me so I thought I would share it.

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